The Amos House of Faith was established by Justina Page. She has dedicated herself to helping families affected by burn trauma. She is the founder and Executive Director of The Amos House of Faith, a nonprofit organization established to provide post burn support to children and families affected by burn trauma.Being a burn survivor herself as well as the mother of burn survivors, she has experienced all the stages of trauma a burn patient faces and is uniquely qualified to deal with these problems.

Forever Faithful Ranch is built on the belief that healing can and will take place in the development of a relationship between a person and a horse. Their vision is to facilitate that process through rescue and restoration using horses, God and nature.

American Bible Society

Whether you’re reading the Bible for the first time, studying it in a group, or trying to find new insights, Bible resources can help you understand (and be changed by) God’s Word. On this site, you will find the resources you need to experience the Bible and be transformed by encountering the God of the Bible.

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