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This manual combines best practices from the medical and mental health communities with the timeless principles from the Bible that have addressed the effects of stress and trauma for centuries.

In these pages you’ll find step-by-step principles that will help you:

  •  Understand how the stress and trauma you experience affects you physically, psychologically and spiritually.
  •  Become intentional about creating a healing environment for yourself.
  •  Adopt therapeutic spiritual disciplines.
  •  Experience the freeing influence of giving and receiving forgiveness from God and others.
  •  Rebuild your identity based on what God says about you.
  •  Strengthen yourself spiritually against future attacks.
  •  Connect with those who support you in positive ways.
  •  Learn how to deal with Secondary Traumatic Stress, Burnout and Compassion Fatigue.
  •  Understand how to help your family as they respond to your stress and trauma.
  •  Make plans for the future as a strengthened man or woman of God.

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