Suicide Prevention Resources

If you need immediate assistance, please call the Stand By Status Hotline hosted by The Counseling Team International at
(800) 222-9691.

Pastors of WoodsEdge Student Ministry

Justin and Brooke Ulmer have been pastoring teens in Montgomery & Harris counties for the past decade and have gained a keen understanding of the challenges facing young people today. Early in their ministry they recognized that the two biggest issues facing 7th-12th graders today are the constant state of comparison we get stuck in, and the insecurity that inevitably follows. In an effort to combat these issues, the Ulmer’s have created four proven tools for ministering to teens where they are, as they are.

Neon Gravestones

Neon Gravestones is a compelling, all-out assault on our society’s practice of glorifying suicide and the glamorization of taking one’s own life. This song and this sermon offer perspective, solutions, and hope. If you or someone you know are battling suicidal thoughts, this song and this sermon were written for you.

The WoodsEdge Student Ministry is a Houston-based student ministry whose tagline is: Your Brokenness Is Welcome Here. An essential first-step in overcoming comparison and insecurity is being part of an authentic, inviting community.

The Gospel According to Twenty One Pilots is a relevant, Christ-centered sermon series that speaks to students as real people with real problems. Topics covered include depression, suicide, addiction, and social media abuse.

The Sevenapples App is a creative, free smartphone app that can be used to facilitate bible-based group discussions, personal devotionals, or to encourage people you know with scripture-saturated art.

The Seven Verbs of Discipleship is a highly effective disciple-making tool that encourages putting faith in action. Built around group bible studies and personal devotionals, this resource has proven to be life-changing for both new and seasoned believers who long to grow their relationship with the Lord.