Suicide Prevention

If you need immediate assistance, please call the Stand By Status Hotline hosted by The Counseling Team International at
(800) 222-9691.


Teen Suicide Prevention

Kim Hess, Cassidy Joined for Hope

After losing their beautiful 16 year old daughter, Cassidy, to suicide in 2015, the Hess family created the Cassidy Joined for Hope Foundation to make sure this tragedy does not happen to any other family in their community. Cassidy Joined for Hope, Inc. is a national 501(C)(3) non-profit foundation focused on teen suicide prevention in the schools and community. We recognize that teen suicides are not isolated instances ... but the second leading cause of death for ages 10-24. No community or family is immune.


Suicide Intervention


Ken Schlenker, is an Associate Professor of Chaplaincy and the Director, Chaplain Program of the Grace School of Theology and the Founder/President of CAREForce. Ken served as a Corpsman in the US Navy. Ken has spent over 30 years in ministry--as a Pastor, a Chaplain and in providing crisis intervention to first responder populations.  Ken is a trainer and Chaplain for the Houston Police Department and a Chaplain with the Montgomery Sheriff’s Department. Ken is Board Certified in Crisis Chaplaincy, Emergency Response and Stress Management.