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Who Are We?

Statistics show that 8% of the United States population (approximately 25 million people) suffers from PTSD. Statistics show 22 military veterans take their lives in the United States every day. Many first responders, as well as civilians, also live silently in the shadows of PTSD. As a result, many Christ-centered organizations have formed across the United States to help men and women dealing with the problems associated with PTSD. These groups usually operate independently yet have the same goals. Our hope is to unite these organizations through the STRONGER ALLIANCE and provide a resource to those who are struggling.

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What is Post-traumatic Stress Disorder?

Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is a common reaction to an uncommon event. Those who develop PTSD have experienced something that humans were not originally created to experience. It is normal to be affected negatively by combat, atrocity, pain, horror, and gore. When you go through an experience that nearly kills you, it is normal to feel shaken and anxious. Facing death changes a person. It would be abnormal if a person wasn’t affected. This reaction shows that a person is human, and that what they experienced matters. PTSD sufferers are not cowardly, weak, or broken. They are very literally wounded.

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We Are Stronger

WE ARE STRONGER is a faith-based movie exploring a veteran’s battle with post trauma stress. As he struggles to recover from his injuries, reclaim his marriage and enter the civilian world, he learns that he can’t do it by himself. Reflective Media Productions is working closely with Mighty Oaks Warriors, the Amos House of Faith and many other trauma recovery organizations. Our hope is to raise awareness of PTSD and to present the hope Christ offers for healing.

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In combat, events can occur that wound a person physically, mentally, and spiritually. Some of those wounds heal faster than others. Some of them we bring home with us, and they affect our loved ones- the very people we went to war to protect. The film We are Stronger shows one warrior's struggle with his wounds, and how he found healing. This companion book will help you better understand combat trauma, and take you deeper into the processes God has created to bring you strength, stability, resourcefulness, and purpose.

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