Sherry Burkhard (North HOUSTON)

Sherry Burkhard, BSN, RN, is the Executive Director of Mosaics of Mercy, a non-profit that serves as a hub for hope, resources, and education empowering the journey toward mental well-being. Mosaics exists to make the process of finding resources for mental well-being easier by vetting available mental health resources in our community and presenting options to be considered for each journey. They empower people with questions to ask to find the best fit for themselves. Mosaics does all of this with a focus of sharing about hope and healing.

Experiencing trauma can affect mental well-being for years after it takes place. People often feel hopeless because they are unaware of the resources available to address these recurring issues. Healing from trauma is possible and there is hope.

Wherever you are in your journey today, Mosaics wants you to know that you do not have to search for resources for yourself or your loved one alone. You can find more information about this ministry at