Trinity Reins Ranch

What is FBEAP?
Faith Based Equine Assisted Philosophy was developed by Elaine Davis of Unbridled Faith Farm in Mankato, MN after witnessing the positive impact of equine assisted therapies when the Holy Spirit was added to the program as the unseen facilitator. This philosophy of equine assisted solutions is a complete tool because it affects the whole person; Body, Soul and Spirit. Authentic equine-assisted work honors and integrates natural horse and herd behavior as a model for human mental, emotional, and spiritual health using equine-assisted philosophies. Equine nonverbal communication, herd behavior, and equine development, demonstrate successful interaction as an example for human relationships. These movements paralleled with the movements Jesus made while in ministry, create a clear, healthy pattern of thought and action for us to follow.

Trinity Reins Ministries' Mission is to provide unique opportunities for equine assisted programs that offer experiential healing and deliverance, communication and team building, personal and professional growth and leadership development that allows participants to become free by following the lead of the Holy Spirit, the Unseen Facilitator.

Trinity Reins Ministries  is a 501(c)3 tax exempt non-profit corporation.

Dr. Tammye Markle is the founder of Trinity Reins Ministries . A certified FBEAP facilitator/instructor and John Maxwell certified coach and speaker, she has been influenced by horse and herd behaviors most of her life, growing up on a small ranch in Texas. When she wasn't spending time with her family or her horses she was motivating young people to develop effective leadership skills combined with a heart for service.  After earning a masters degree in Christian Counseling and Ministry and a doctorate in Biblical Studies Tammye, an ordained minister, felt that God was calling her to use her experience with horses, leadership and life challenges to create a place where the herd in it's natural state and the Holy Spirit facilitate healing, empowerment and freedom for His people.