Planting Roots

Military women, both those in uniform and those that are not, desire connection, stability, hope, and joy. Dealing with multiple moves, frequent deployments, and questions regarding careers, we still must continue to build marriages, raise children, develop relationships, and manage careers. Usually far from family, these challenges can seem insurmountable to accomplish on our own and finding what we need almost impossible.

As military women ourselves, we have walked familiar roads and searched for the same things. What we have come to know and understand is that we do not conquer these obstacles or find the answers on our own. Our only hope for these things is Jesus.

Beginning in January 2014, we began to put together an organization to meet these very needs. These eleven military women launched just such a thing called Planting Roots in October 2014.

Planting Roots has a vision to impact military women with the Gospel of Jesus Christ for victorious living. In order to fulfill this vision, our goal is to build a community of military women to provide connection and a biblical foundation where we desire to challenge each other to find stability in Christ and to find His purpose for us in the places we are planted.

In a nutshell, our mission is to build and foster a community of military women through Christ-centered live events, engaging media channels, and our interactive website where we share our stories and conduct online Bible studies that reaches women with the Gospel and allows believers to dig deeply, living out our faith in the place we are planted. We pray that through this effort military women will find the connection, stability, strength, and purpose in our personal lives, in turn building our marriages, families, and communities. Our foundation will be in Scripture.